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How can I quickly reduce stress?
Episode 6321st April 2022 • The PJ Wellness Show • Coach Patrick
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Welcome to my podcast "How can I quickly reduce stress? ."

Today’s podcast follows up on my blog "What is stress and causes stress?"

Everyone knows the feeling of stress. In many cases we also know the reason for this: too much work, then a meeting with friends, too little sleep, the mother-in-law is coming to visit, the children have to be taken from A to B on time, etc. But there are also phases in our lives, in which we feel stressed for no apparent reason. What is behind it and how can we change that?

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Patrick Schoeneborn, CPT, CNC is an NJ-based Personal Trainer and Nutritional Health Coach specializing in everyday fitness, healthy nutrition, and plant-centered eating. He is passionate about helping people develop a positive relationship with fitness, food, and their bodies, and uses a motivational fitness, lifestyle-focused and non-diet approach in his practice. When he’s not training, talking, or writing all things fitness, nutrition, and how to live a healthy lifestyle, Patrick can be found hiking in the Palisades – he’s hiked 100 trails and counting! – cooking recipes new and old, working out in nature, or hanging with family – he has 5 sons and 2 grandsons – and/or friends.

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