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38: Ransom Laundering: Can We Ban Crypto?
Episode 3815th June 2021 • Cyber Humanity • Immersive Labs
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The topic of the day is cryptocurrency – and whether banning it could help fight ransomware.

We know that criminal gangs (OCGs for all those Line of Duty fans out there) are big fans of crypto for their nefarious deeds, so the issue goes much further than ransomware. Even so, a ban on crypto wouldn't stop ransomware – it would just be a bump in the road for the operators. After all, ransomware has been around since long before crypto came on the scene. Maybe gift cards would make a comeback!

The team also delves into Nobelium, the group behind the SUNBURST attacks in Solarwind. Kev gets his tech head on to give us the full low down on this sophisticated threat actor.






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