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Washington Post Journalist Jason Rezaian on His Iranian Imprisonment
Episode 39th February 2021 • In the Public Interest • WilmerHale
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WilmerHale Partner David Bowker talks with Jason Rezaian, a journalist with The Washington Post and the paper’s former Tehran bureau chief who was wrongfully charged and convicted by the Iranian government on false claims of espionage. While imprisoned in Iran for 544 days, Jason was repeatedly tortured for information that he clearly did not possess. David, along with a WilmerHale team that included Ambassador Robert Kimmitt, helped obtain Jason’s release and developed a legal strategy that resulted in a $180 million judgment against the government of Iran, including $30 million in compensatory damages for Jason and his family and $150 million in punitive damages. Jason speaks about:

  • his life in Iran before his imprisonment
  • his arrest and captivity
  • his sham Iranian trial
  • the extraordinary efforts that led to his eventual release
  • bringing the civil case against Iran
  • the current state of affairs between the US and Iran