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Pod 101: Producer Chris Bowden on Lavender Castle (Part One)
Episode 10118th May 2020 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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This episode... Chris Bowden is joining us. Chris is a producer with Mackinnon and Saunders, but worked with Gerry Anderson in the late 1990s with Gerry Anderson on Lavender Castle. Chris reflects on his early days of being a Gerry Anderson fan, and how he broke into the industry including some early visits to Space City in Blackpool!

1:00 Introductions and the usual warm up

4:21 FAB Facts RELOADED - something different

8:30 Messages from the Podsterons

11:10 Gerry Anderson News

16:50 More updates from around the Anderverse thanks to our Podsterons

24:10 Chris Bowden part one

1:01:00 Our thoughts on part one plus a few more message. Is Thunderbird 3 red or orange?!

1:04:20 The 100th Randomiser! Happy anniversary Chris Dale!

1:29:50 Wrapping things up

Links Mentioned

Our impromptu FAB Live

Thunderbirds books from Joan Marie Verba

The Tracy Island make competition

Gerry Anderson Toys Part 4

Space:1999 Eagles Crashed video

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