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Womenpreneur Success - Smita Singh 18th September 2015
Bring your story into your personal brand through videos with Mary Jo Cranmore
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Bring your story into your personal brand through videos with Mary Jo Cranmore

Mary Jo Cranmore
Mary Jo Cranmore is a former TV news writer and producer for network affiliates around the country, including field producing for Dateline NBC and GMA. For nearly 30 years, Mary Jo has been making video for the networks, network affiliates, and for some of the largest brands in the country including Discovery Health Channel (now O), Kraft Foods, Ann Taylor and Verizon.
Mary Jo helps entrepreneurs break through their blocks around telling their stories and make great video content that connects and converts viewers into clients.


For you to stand out, you have to bring your story into your personal brand

  • When you tell people about your process or how you do what you do. Take a step back and think of an individual client you helped. 
  • People don't care about process oriented narratives. But they will care about a person that you helped out.
People connect with you when you show lifestyle voice. For a business, on social media
  • For a service business, show your own way of doing things. 
  • Nowadays we have an assumption that your product is good. 
  • The thing you can stand out is you. 
  • Tell a picture in the still picture
Too much personal information vs being transparent 
  • Relevancy
  • You need to be vulnerable enough to share your own story, this is what it means for you. 
Public speaking is the number one fear. The way good video works is to be vulnerable. 
  • Do off the cuff stuff but keep them to the point. 
  • Keep it simple
  • Practice
  • Give yourself a topic and allow yourself to talk it through first
  • Develop a voice, don't read scripts
  • Be into your topic
  • Breathe, smile
  • Stay within your personality
Types of videos
  • Anchor videos - The big pieces that live on your website for a long time
  • Workhorse Video- Hybrid videos that educate, how-to's , announcement
  • Long Tail video- videos connected to the blog post


How to come up with consistently awesome topics for your video content.


Project: Do a video on your top 20 FAQ's 


Create a content calendar


Put your video up on Youtube. Description should be 300 words. Your whole URL should be in the description. It's better to send people to go to a particular landing page that is relevant to the content not just your homepage. 

Have a clear call to action. 


If you could offer an entrepreneur one piece of advice what woud it be?

Nail down your ideal client profile. You may have 2 or 3 but look at one avatar. 

The Ultimate Video Gear List

Lightning Round
What trophy would you want on your mantle?
MLB trophy
What is your guilty pleasure?
What are you currently reading?
Go for the no
What is your one productivity hack?
Writing To-do list for the day and not stopping until it's done. 
What is your personal motto?
Be willing to laugh at yourself
What would you do differently if you were given a chance?
Be more open to coaching and learning. 
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