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The Thriving Artist - The Clark Hulings Fund 9th April 2016
Setting Up an Art Business for Scale

Setting Up an Art Business for Scale

Despite our playful double entendre, the business of securing commissions requires taking proposals and contracts seriously. Large-scale artist Molly Dilworth explains the challenges of both producing such works and operating the professional side of the business for scale. Molly‚Äôs geometrically inspired site-specific installations across the United States highlight invisible structures and hidden motivations. Her insights on a range of topics from proposals to contracts are crucial:

Creating Large-Scale Works

  • Making big paintings to be seen by Google Earth
  • Special challenges of large-scale work
  • Dealing with outdoor work and site control (e.g. timing, weather, and location)
  • Technology and remote art creation [see also a previous broadcast]
  • Using under-appreciated spaces, everyday spaces, accessible spaces

Operating the Business for Scale

  • RFPs, proposals, and the business of finding commissions
  • Contracts and when you get paid
  • Ensuring clients pay vs. getting burned
  • Contingencies and budgeting for materials, mishaps, and take-home pay
  • Getting a lawyer
  • Responsibility for maintenance and limits of liability
  • Contracts as a conversation
  • Dealing with damage and insuring the work


  • Molly Dilworth is currently a fellow in the first year of the Tulsa Artist Fellowship and. on April 23rd, will unveil her sculptural commission for a new Denver Light Rail station at 40th and Airport.
  • For more information on Molly, visit mollydilworth.com