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Episode 96: Solange d'Herbez de la Tour
Episode 966th February 2024 • She Builds Podcast • She Builds Podcast // Gābl Media
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Learn about the life, work, struggles, and achievements of Solange d'Herbez de la Tour, founder of the International Union of Women Architects. For show notes and more information check out our website

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Are you coming to the AIA Conference this year? SO ARE WE! That's right! The THREE of us: Norgerie, Lizi, and Jessica will be at the conference in Washington D.C. We will do a live recording at the Gabl Media Mixer on June 6th - grab your tickets here: Then on June 7th at 4 pm, come hang out with us at the Capital City Brewery before your evening festivities. We can't wait to meet ya!

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