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Episode 35th June 2023 • The Wild Minds Podcast • The Outdoor Teacher
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Season 1: Episode 3

Show Notes:

Juliet Robertson is a leading outdoor learning consultant, author of 2 popular books, who is living with a terminal illness. Before becoming a consultant, Juliet was a head teacher at three schools. Her other experience draws on a degree in environmental science, as an archaeologist, conservation, outdoor education and years in mainstream teaching, including as a head teacher.

Her well-loved blog, Creative Star, ( is a must-visit resource full of excellent outdoor learning tips.

In this episode, Juliet:

●   Talks frankly and tenderly about her terminal illness.

●   Brings all her experience to this conversation, sharing the potential of outdoor learning and outdoor play.

●   Emphasises that you don’t need a qualification to take learning outside and the preciousness of play.

●   Challenges the cultural assumption that real learning only happens indoors.

●    Reiterates that the outdoors is not a ‘subject’, rather an essential place of learning any area of the curriculum.

The Wild Minds Podcast is brought to you by me, Marina Robb, an author, entrepreneur, Forest School and Nature-Based Trainer and Consultant, and pioneer in developing Green Programmes for the Health Service in the UK.

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