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103. Enhance ELL Vocabulary Instruction: 8 Ineffective, Outdated Methods to Leave Behind
Episode 1031st December 2023 • Equipping ELLs • Beth Vaucher, ELL, ESL Teachers
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Could it be we've been wasting precious time with outdated methods for vocabulary instruction?

In this episode of the Equipping ELLs podcast, we are diving deep into the world of vocabulary acquisition. Join us as we unpack 8 outdated methods that hinder effective ELL vocabulary learning. From the pitfalls of rote memorization to the drawbacks of isolated word teaching, discover why these techniques might be holding back your students' language acquisition journey. Learn how to steer away from these ineffective methods and adopt interactive, student-centered approaches that connect words to context, making learning more engaging and meaningful for your ELLs. Tune in to learn how to empower your teaching with strategies that truly enhance ELL vocabulary acquisition!