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RR 226: Connected CARS Detroit May 2017 – An Overview
2nd June 2017 • Remarkable Results Radio Podcast • Carm Capriotto, AAP
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I attended the ASA Automotive Service Association, Connected CARS  (Congress of Automotive Repair & Service) event in Detroit on May 18th & 19th, 2017.  It was a very informative event organized by former ASA Chairman and shop owner Donny Seyfer, who brought industry trainers, automotive engineers and service professionals from all parts of North-America to learn about rapidly advancing vehicle technology.

All attendees got an important glimpse into the world of the connected car with in-depth and detailed looks at ADAS, Next Gen Vehicle Networks, V2V and the future of diagnostics.

Safety is one of the driving forces behind ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). The two-day seminar brought some of the top tech trainers to bring a deeper understanding of how these systems function and what it takes to diagnose, repair and calibrate them today and in the not too distant future.

Listen to an in-studio round table debate along with a ‘man in the street’ interview segment that was recorded at the first night reception. In all, you’ll hear contributions from seventeen of your industry peers in this episode.

You will hear discussions on the course content, personal thoughts on this new technology, new business models and the opportunities that modern technology creates for progressive operators among many more hot and trending talking points.

I’m happy to bring you the pulse of this event. Training events like this must be part of your future. Keep an eye out for the exciting ASA programs being presented for you at AAPEX 2017.

Presentations from:

  • Dave Hobbs, Delphi, Radar, Lidar, Sonar and camera-based sensors
  • Greg Potter, ETI, and Bob Gruszczynski, VW, scan-tool protocols
  • Debra Bezinna, Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment, University of Michigan . Debra was interviewed by ASA’s Washingon, DC rep Robert L. Redding Jr. She spoke on V2V Communication
  • Jason Ross, Volkswagen, driver-assist systems
  • Scott Bolt, Mahle, new vehicle network architecture
  • Tarek Taleb, GM, CAN network diagnosis software
  • Mohan Sethi, Mahle Aftermarket, secure diagnostics
  • Jim Luyckx from Snap-on presented diagnostics by thermal imaging
  • Steve Zach, Bosch, ADAS calibration and alignment

Dan Risley, ASA president and executive director, said about the inaugural event, “ASA is committed to providing industry-leading technology and telematics programs to our members and the industry. This program is a first of its kind. Attendees left armed with more knowledge and information on the most current and future ADAS technology than the 90 percent of those repairing vehicles in automotive industry today!”

“Comments and enthusiasm from Connected CARS attendees and presenters exceeded my expectations,” said event organizer Donny Seyfer. “The presentations were spot-on. I’m not sure who was more impressive – our presenters or their audience. But I do know this was an amazing technical networking opportunity.”

List of who was in this episode:

Round Table Studio Interview:
Dan Risley
Frank Leutz
Greg Buckley
Bill Nalu
Joe Hanson
Jeff Buckley
Joe Register
Ray Fisher

Reception ‘Man In Street Interviews’
Donny Seyfer
Pete Rudloff
Dave Kusa
Greg Potter
Tom Piippo
Bob Wills
Greg Buckley
Carolyn Coquillette
Eric Carlson
Frank Leutz
Ray Fisher
Bill Nalu
Craig O’Neill

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