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MovieButts - Joseph Harding 18th June 2020
MovieButts #31 Part 1! The Crow (1994) The BEST of Alex Proyas
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MovieButts #31 Part 1! The Crow (1994) The BEST of Alex Proyas

The Crow, starring Brandon Lee is a very 90's movie about a man who comes back to life to pay off his Blockbuster fines but is shocked to find that Kurt Cobain is also dead? Will the crow pay his fines and will Kurt Coban also come back from the dead? 

A man brutally murdered comes back to life as an undead avenger of his and his fiancée's murder.

Each week we take the best and worst films from a filmmaker or franchise and discuss why one worked and one didn't. And we use freakin maths to determine the best and worst, so no arguing. Unless you think science is wrong???...yeah thought so.

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00:12 Intro!

01:05 The Math!

01:50 Plot description!

04:14 General thoughts and discussion 

42:59 Best and worst rated IMDB Reviews

46:40 Final thoughts!

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