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EP 234 The Power of Self-Compassion: Overcoming Judgment and Shame
Episode 23412th March 2024 • Live & Lead With Heart • Alexandra Swenson-Ridley
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In this episode, Dr. Alex shares a personal experience with self-compassion and self-talk. Through a guided practice on compassion, she uncovers feelings of judgment and shame towards herself, despite projecting a positive image externally. Exploring self-compassion allows her to acknowledge and sit with these emotions, stepping away from harsh self-judgment. Tune in to learn more about the power of self-compassion in navigating personal challenges and emotions.


00:00:01 - Self-Reflection and Self-Talk

00:00:12 - HeartMath Techniques and Self-Compassion

00:00:35 - Confronting Discomfort and Shame

00:01:07 - Judgment and Personal Challenges

00:01:49 - The Power of Self-Compassion

00:02:11 - Women's Struggle with Self-Talk

00:03:04 - Acknowledging Our Inner Struggles

00:03:26 - Entrepreneurship and Self-Comparison

00:03:58 - International Women's Day and Self-Compassion Practice

00:04:50 - Resistance to Self-Compassion

00:05:43 - Visualizing and Healing Inner Self

00:06:35 - Exploring Self-Compassion

00:07:39 - Breaking Cycles of Self-Sabotage

00:08:21 - Connecting to Intuition and Creativity

00:09:36 - Compassion Practice and Resistance

00:10:19 - Growth Edge and Personal Healing

00:11:01 - Tools for Inner Work and Intuition

Resources From this Episode

Download the 8 Minute Self Compassion Practice Recording.




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