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S4 Ep1: Karolina Isberg on Free-Floating Attention
Episode 117th May 2023 • Surface Time with Stephanie • Stephanie Luo
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You may recall from the episode with Magnus Akerblom-Wiker, where we spoke about one of his editorial photo of a diver holding a bunch of balloon in the Cenote, Mexico. Oh well, Karolina was that diver. My curiosity had to hear from her side of the story, her personal experience in that place.

In this mind-opening dialogue, we spoken about creativity, power of imagination, being in the state of free-floating attention. If diving is a form of experiential learning, I love the way she has put it “one dive is a symbol of how we approach life in very many ways”. In essence, it is all about being present in the moment, allowing yourself to process and filter information and refining the narrative of your life.

For every dive, we do a safety stop before we surface. Depending on your dive profile, it is normally about 3 minutes in the range of 3-5 metre depth. This is an important transition period. On the one hand, we would be savouring the last moments of the dive. On the other hand, we are getting ready to return to land.

The same ritual can be applied in other aspects of life. When would you take your “safety stop”? What would you do during that safety stop?

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