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Virtual “Colorado Trail” Challenge!
Episode 2618th May 2020 • Feel Good Running | For the Everyday Runner! • Jim Lynch
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Hello Runners!

Another couple of weeks have passed, and we are continuing to live with this pandemic. Even as some retail stores, parks and restaurants start to re-open, it still feels restricted. Everyone is wearing a mask. It seems so unnatural. I even see more runners out there wearing a buff. It is our current reality…the new normal. But we are survivors.

So runners, has the running race you have been training for been cancelled or postponed? Many races have been, and many more will be. Are you lost and just running to run without a solid goal? Are you new to running, loving it and want more? Maybe you tried a small virtual race, but that was only good for a quick band aid.

Well, this summer we have a solution! The Virtual "Colorado Trail" Challenge. My friend, Coach David Manthey, shared this with me and I said, “We immediately need to do an episode.” This will be such a welcome summertime challenge for runners. Why you ask? Well, it gives runners a solid goal all summer long! Run a total of 500 miles which you can complete within 95 days! June 1 - September 3, 2020. And you can do it anywhere, even on a "dreadmill!" My definition of a treadmill.

In September of 2017, Bryan Williams, an incredible ultra-marathoner who is part of this episode, physically ran the Colorado Trail from Durango to Denver in 8 days and 30 minutes. His crew took video and pictures along the way. You can do this challenge solo or as a 2-person relay. I personally am running the relay with a friend. 

Also joining this episode are two other amazing ultra distance runners, Emily Booth and Jeremy Bradford who are also a part of bringing this event to life. Jeremy, by the way, completed the 3,000 mile transcontinental run across the USA in 2016. He started at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles and ended at City Hall in NYC. It took him 59 days and change.

You will enjoy this episode and be motivated to sign up to do this challenge!

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Please stay healthy and safe and respect other runners. We will get through this! Enjoy this episode, and maybe I'll see you as we virtually run the beautiful historic Colorado Trail!

~ Jim



Virtual "Colorado Trail" Challenge – SIGN UP HERE!

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Inspirational Running Quote

“If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” ~Thomas Jefferson.  



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