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Trusting your intuition as leaders of tomorrow
Episode 441st October 2021 • Billionaires In Boxers Global • Phil Pelucha
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To enjoy work and find true purpose in life, entrepreneurs need to incorporate their own professional lives into their spiritual lives. Spirituality does not necessarily mean religion as everyone lives according to philosophical leanings.

One way to grow in philosophical thought is to travel and learn about different worldviews as most have good teachings.

In today’s episode of the Billionaires in Boxers Podcast, Phil Pelucha talks to Pure Entelechy’s Chief Entelechy Officer Kirsten Gooldy. Kirstin has not only managed over $500 million in transactions for various companies but also describes herself as a “trans-cultural shaman”, having studied different cultures around the world.

Kirstin has over 25 years of experience leading Corporate Strategy, Finance, Capital Markets, and Compliance teams in public and private sectors having lead or managed over $500 million in financial transactions for various companies during her career.

Prior to joining FTE Networks, Gooldy served as the Chief Financial Officer of Powerstorm ESS (OTC:PSTO). She also served as a Senior Vice President for a premier Specialty Finance/Investment Banking firm headquartered in Orange County.

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