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223 Knowing Your Foundation and Leaning on Your Strengths • Mark Asquith
Episode 22326th October 2021 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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When you’re running a business, be it an acupuncture clinic, tech company, plumbing service or coaching practice there are core principles that can spell the differences between failure and success.

In this conversation with Mark Asquith we noodle on the First Principles that apply every bit as much to the software and podcast services that he has created, as they do to creating an acupuncture practice that supports your life instead of running it.

Listen into this discussion on learning on your hidden strengths, dealing with unhappy clients, identifying bad money as a way to assess the value of a project, what community looks like in the digital age, and how the Triple I principles of Important, Interesting and Integral can help you to create a practice that you’ll enjoy working within.