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The Modern Mommy Doc Podcast - Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP EPISODE 28, 10th September 2020
Inspiring Story with YoYoYogi Founder, Terri Cole
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Inspiring Story with YoYoYogi Founder, Terri Cole

Terri Cole is the founder and owner of YoYoYogi, a family-owned yoga studio here in Portland, Oregon and now online across the world!

A business woman, yes, but a mother, grandma, and wife first and foremost. As a Mom, Terri understands that self-care is often deprioritized; however, through yoga and meditation, she has found a daily practice that fills her well and sets a foundation that allows her to generously take care of others.

Her passion in life is sharing these offerings and providing the tools for others to live their best life. 

Follow Terri on Social:

IG: @yoyoyogis | FB: @YoYoYogis