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Is judgement helping or hurting in your art studio? /51
Episode 5120th February 2023 • Unearthing Art • Bec Leigh and Michele Luminato
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Judgement is a BIG topic for artists: overly critical judgement of ourselves and our artwork, plus the fear of judgement by others, can be major creative blocks to creating our best work and sharing it. BUT is there a place for some level of judgement (also known as discernment), when it comes to assessing our art and whether it’s ready to make its debut?

This is one of those conversations where we push beyond the obvious first answers, and dig up some fresh perspectives on this topic—about ego, shame, being humble and also not being a ‘helicopter art mum’ (ie let your art go live its life!).

Also, Bec references this ‘Dear Sugar’ advice column:


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