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194. Feeling a muscle working doesn’t mean it’s getting stronger, with Natalie Wilson and Raphael Bender
Episode 19419th November 2023 • Pilates Elephants • Raphael Bender
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Resources mentioned in the episode:

  • PE episode 160 Can we even feel muscles activating? here
  • Glute activation drills don’t increase glute activation here
  • High levels of mechanical tension on individual muscle fibers is the main stimulus for strengthening here and here and here
  • DOMS is caused by unaccustomed exercise including longer muscle lengths or eccentric components here
  • DOMS is not a good indicator of whether your workout was effective here
  • The repeated bout effect means that as you get used to a particular workout it causes less and less soreness here
  • In the prone leg extension test there is high variability in the order of muscle firing between healthy pain-free people here
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