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Priory Place to Pool Meadow: Tweeting birds and busy bus stops
Episode 99th May 2022 • Our Cov • Coventry City of Culture Trust
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There’s been a bus station in Coventry since way before the second world war. But it’s had many guises. Now known as Pool Meadow, it’s become a vibrant transport hub for travellers to access all corners of the city.

But first we begin over the road in Priory Place - the now underground site of a mediaeval cathedral, once excavated by Tony Robinson and Channel 4’s Time Team programme. There’s no diggers in sight today - just the tranquillity of the birds in a quieter, greener corner of the city centre.

It’s not compulsory, but these soundscapes are best listened to while wearing headphones! All conversations are authentic and real. The recordings were captured using a binaural microphone between January and April 2022. You can also hear these soundscapes in the accompanying storyteller episodes in our first series.