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Simon Mantyla - Crossfit Sweden and Breathing Performance
Episode 623rd September 2022 • Oxygen Advantage • Oxygen Advantage
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“If I exhale at the wrong part of the movement, I’ll jeopardise my technique and there goes my efficiency.”

In this week’s episode, Patrick and Daniel are joined by Swedish CrossFit athlete Simon Mäntylä to discuss his career and the training required to be a top-level competitor. Starting in 2012, Simon had no competitive outlet for the variety of gym work he was doing at the time. Some friends in his local gym introduced him to CrossFit and after a short time found he had a knack for it and has competed ever since both in Sweden and internationally.

Simon outlines his journey to his current fitness obsession, the level of training he has to go through on an average week (a minimum of 11 different training sessions!) and the kinds of work expected of a CrossFit athlete at the highest level.