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Making Impactful Videos Using Stories
Episode 10823rd February 2022 • The Visual Lounge • TechSmith Corporation
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Using stories to make more impactful videos is not a new idea. But it’s an overlooked part of video creation, especially when it comes to tutorials or corporate videos.

But storytelling isn’t just for the fun, creative videos out there. Even if you’re creating a video tutorial about car insurance, injecting a little storytelling can go a long way in hitting your primary video goal – connecting with your audience.

Andrew Kan, filmmaker, storyteller, and YouTube creator, joined The Visual Lounge to talk all about story, and how it can help you level up your video skills.

Andrew helps people overcome the hurdles stopping people from achieving their creative goals. He’s an experienced film director and has produced award-winning documentaries for film festivals.

Andrew is skilled in storytelling, YouTube search engine optimization, camera operation, and all things filmmaking. You may know him from his time as Director of Video Production at TubeBuddy, where he used his skills to grow TubeBuddy’s YouTube channel from 6,000 to 525,000 subscribers. This episode has plenty of nuggets of wisdom from Andrew that can benefit all sorts of content creators.

Learning points from the episode include:

  • Why videos are about creating connections with your audience
  • How to improve your skills by watching others
  • How to inject storytelling into your videos
  • Why professional gear is less important than you think
  • How to keep people watching
  • What to do when you feel demotivated about your videos

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