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Mining Technology Partners Podcast - Cindy Collins 30th March 2018
Episode 5 – Getting Deep Data & Increased Confidence by Implementing Muon Tomography
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Episode 5 – Getting Deep Data & Increased Confidence by Implementing Muon Tomography

Don Furseth of CRM Geotomography Technologies

What technology can see through a cubic KM of rock!?

Don Furseth is a technology commercialization veteran with degrees in Engineering and Engineering Physics and 30 years of industry experience ranging from larger systems and imaging technology companies, to technology start-ups in roles from product development to product management to consultant, founder, investor, CEO and Director.

CRM Geotomography Technologies is a spin-off from TRIUMF, Canada´s particle accelerator centre in colaboration with industry, government and the University of British Columbia. CRM Geotomography Technologies innovations in muon geotomography reduce cost to discover and define dense ore bodies.

Don explains the decades old history with the technology and its development to its successful implementation in mineral exploration and mining in projects such as a poly-metallic project for Teck Resources, a VMS deposit for Nyrstar and uranium deposit in Canada´s Athabasca Basin.

  1. See through rock and density variations to help target drilling to reduce cost, waste and blindness in selecting drilling targets.
  2. Expanding existing mine life and exploring nearby for similar contrasting ore bodies
  3. Use muon geotomography as an interactive tool with existing datasets

The company is looking for collaborators to put their borehole detectors to work and an industry consortium to move development forward in an industry need-driven, relevant way.

Image below courtesy of CRM Geotomography Technologies.

Geotomography Explained

Geotomography Explained

For information and cast studies contact CRM Geotomography Technologies and visit www.crmgtm.com

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