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Our Net Zero Travel Policy
Episode 55th July 2022 • Beyond Net Zero Journey • Chloe Thomas
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We now have a net zero travel policy at eCommerce MasterPlan.

That sounds rather grand - as it’s just me a tribe of freelancers. BUT I know this is potentially our biggest negative impact, so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t stumbling through it and actually was making conscious decisions.

3 parts to this.

  1. Reduce our travel
  2. Reduce the impact of our travel - offset / travel method
  3. Encourage others to reassess their travel impacts

Listen to hear what all this means, and how I'm doing it all.

Plus updates on what this means for my personal list travel activities, and my thoughts on lowering the commuting impact of your teams.

Hopefully, it will help you make your own net zero travel policy, and maybe even inspire you to take it a little further...