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PHIA JOINS THE BATTLE! And other exciting VR stuff, Ep. 14
Episode 1414th August 2020 • Full Dive Gaming: a Virtual Reality Podcast in VR • Full Dive Gaming
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Welcome to the Full Dive Gaming podcast, bringing a weekly dive of all the news, discussion, and condensed nerd talk you need for VR gaming every Friday.  

This week’s podcast was made in partnership with Asterion Products.  Get 5% off the Aura headset or any other order $19.99 or more with the code FULLDIVE at  

We have a lovely new guest this week, PHIA from The Virtual Reality Show! Be sure to check out her YouTube channel at and her Twitch channel at!  You can also follow her at Twitter and Insta  

We begin the week’s podcast with some of the questions from our discord community including answering which headset is your best bang for your buck!  We then hit the news with the 14:40 Hitman trilogy coming to PSVR, 23:30 VIVE moving out of consumer sales and into enterprise, 30:19 Swords of Gurrah is running a tournament with a $1000 prize pool, and 35:18 a new Pokemon virtual experience is released.

We then talk games, starting with 40:32 PHIA telling us about her time with Soundself, 54:32 Rip and Adam play Onward to see what all the controversy is about, 1:01:59 Adam tells us what he thinks of Swords of Gurrah and whether we really stand a chance for that public tournament, and finally 1:06:58 we describe the limitless potential of VRchat.  Lastly, 1:17:00 we talk VR entertainment and it’s future with PHIA!

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