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S4 EP121: Ema Bowman: Surprise Breech Birth/Birth Centre
Episode 1217th July 2023 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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On today’s episode we welcome Ema, a first-time mum, whose path to motherhood was filled with unexpected turns, profound self-discovery, and a transformation that forever changed her perception of birth.

Ema had a deep-rooted fear that having children might disrupt the harmony of her relationships. A turning point came when she experienced the heartbreaking loss of an accidental pregnancy, propelling her onto a conscious path of conceiving a child. When faced with fertility struggles, Ema went on a relentless pursuit to find a provider who could assist them in unravelling the underlying issues. It would then take five additional attempts before conceiving her son.

As an accomplished veterinarian, Ema found solace in the world of medicine and surgery. But as she contemplated the birthing experience ahead of her, she discovered a stark contrast between how animals give birth naturally and the over-medicalised approach prevalent in our current maternal system. This realisation sparked a desire for a different kind of birth - one that honoured the innate wisdom of her body and allowed her to surrender to the natural process.

Today we hear how Ema's innate trust in birth surfaced when she heard the nurse announce, "that's a bum, not a head", and the mental battle she endured during her three weeks of prodromal labor.

Show Notes:

Instagram: @emabowman

Hypnobirthing: @your.birth.your.power

Tens Hire: @thebirthstore

Resources: @melaniethemidwife @coreandfloorrestore

Podcasts: The Great Birth Rebellion

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