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How Standardized Tests Miss the Mark on Student Performance
Episode 7218th January 2022 • Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow • Ashley Barlow
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I’ve seen this a million times.  A student’s evaluation report shows average scores - maybe with a few relative weaknesses- but the student’s performance in school is mediocre or worse.  Missing assignments, disciplinary actions, and bad grades demonstrate that the student isn’t meeting his or her apparent potential in school.  Confidence wanes as the student becomes frustrated.  Why does this happen?  April Rehrig, advocate and licensed school psychologist, walks us through the reason this happens.  More importantly, April spends lots of time helping us navigate what to do about it!  How can we better assess students to make sure we understand how their disability will affect their school performance?  What tests should you request, and more!!!  you won’t want to miss this super important episode!