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Qiological Podcast - Michael Max 15th December 2020
Questioning like a Detective • Jason Robertson • Qi178
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Questioning like a Detective • Jason Robertson • Qi178

Questions are a key aspect of helping us to understand how to help our patients. In school we learn the classic 10 questions. But asking useful questions in clinic goes far beyond the basic 10 and what’s more our lines of questioning are not about creating conversation, but able sifting through a patient’s experience so we can come up with a diagnosis so that we can then craft an effective treatment.

In this conversation with Jason Robertson we touch on how Dr. Wang Ju-Yi would use questions like a great detective. How questions can act like the qi transformations of Open, Pivot and Close. And some questions gleaned from other practitioners  that Michael has brought into his practice.

Listen in to this discussion of how skillful questioning is an essential part of the treatment process, as we need to first know what we are seeing, and who a patient is,  before we can skillfully intervene.

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