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Ep.1 300 seconds - Choose to be Great
Episode 12nd February 2020 • Match On A Fire: Medicine and More • Shannon Sovndal
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Welcome to the inaugural episode of “Match on a Fire,” the medicine and more podcast. Today you’ll learn a little bit about us, our medical background, and what our podcast is all about. Today’s topic is about “being great” and what that entails. We talk about the significance of the number 86,400, how you prepare to be great, people who we think are “great”, losing versus winning, and what it takes to get to your dream.

 We are not academic-centered. We aren’t affiliated with any hospital or any education center. These stories and our knowledge is based on our 20+ years in the medical field. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about things we’ve said or topics you want to discuss, please send us an email.




 “What Match on a Fire is-hopefully-is education but also a little fun. We want to talk about certain medical topics but we also want to talk about all the things that revolve around being a care provider.” - Shannon

“How much of your day--how much of your time--do you spend preparing for your dream, or preparing to be great?” - Shannon

 “I try, five minutes a day, to keep working at my craft--obviously sometimes, much more than five minutes a day--but I, at least, try to get those five minutes a day in.” - Steph





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