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Episode 7422nd February 2023 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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Listen up folks, come for a conversation about morning routines, stay for a conversation about neuroscience and shame. We were asked by a listener about our morning routines and we are stoked to share because both of us feel like a consistent morning routine that intentionally connects you to yourself and your body was one of the most impactful tools that is part of our own healing journeys.

In this conversation both Shelby and Carissa talk through how to structure a routine, the important elements, and the effect that it has had. We share ideas of what has been helpful and encourage you to create your own if you don't already have one. We also touch on the importance of rest, breath work, and self talk.

You'll hear us reference Headspace the meditation app and a super rad and impactful book by Louise Hay called You Can Heal Your Life.

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