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What is a RESET?
Episode 9418th May 2021 • The Ultimate Journey of Self-Care • Alison Katschkowsky
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So what does RESET mean when it comes to us?

I hear this term used a lot.  Loosely. What do you think of with RESET? A chance to begin again? A new plan? Wiping the slate clean? Destressing from all your regular day to day commitments?

RESET means different things to different people--and depending on where you are--it could mean a combination of all of the above.

We recently hosted our first destination retreat of 2021 in Key West and it was EPIC.

All the women who showed up were ready for change.  And one word they all used was RESET.

Listen in to this episode and I share my biggest takeaways from our retreat--and also HOW you can find your meaning of  RESET. 

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