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Episode 115 – Get your Heart Tools
Episode 11527th July 2020 • Your Ultimate Life with Kellan Fluckiger • Kellan Fluckiger
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“Your fundamental choice to create your ultimate life, develop your ability to love, develop your willingness to serve. Thank you can't say that strongly enough. If you want to create your ultimate life, your ability to love, your willingness to love and serve, is your fundamental tool.”  - Kellan Fluckiger 


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What you are about to learn

I tackled the mind tool yesterday. This one is about getting your heart tools, and we know that minds in our hearts are different, and they operate differently. Our mind tends to be more logical and analytical. And the heart tends to be more reactive to emotion and driven more by feelings and all that good stuff.

Chakra - chakras are energy centers in the body. This is the energy that is flowing within us. And they define the energy flowing through your body, and one of those chakras is in the heart, the energy center in the heart. And so I want to talk about why it's so important to have this. Now the rational mind the logical mind, the perception of calculation, and clarity and focus, and concentration. And all the things that come in the brain is essential. Problem-solving skills and those kinds of things must come out of the building, and building stuff comes out of the mind.

 Now, the heart tools, I would argue, are the most important. And here's why I would say that, and you can discuss it with me if you want, but hard tools are more critical because I don't care what I build. And I have made a fortune and a reputation and skill and prominent status in business, but it was full of misery and pain, and ultimately, that sort of thing crumbled. And it crumbled not because it wasn't right, but because it wasn't founded on love and compassion.

Love - Love is a tool. That being said, we should use it to do good. Love is a verb and is a choice of action. If I love someone or something, I'm going to take specific steps for that person. So if I love somebody, I'm going to protect them. I'm going to help them. I'm going to do things that allow for and improve their growth and development and success. Same with relationships. Another way that mates show love and support for each other is if there are disappointment or struggles. So I recently had an unbelievable show of love from my wife joy as I went and had that traumatic experience in the hospital a couple of years ago, and that you've heard about her level of service for me. I can't even describe it when I'm in a coma and barely out of a coma. And I'm only partly aware of what's going on, you know, I wanted her there as much as possible. I needed somebody to talk to. I was having hallucinations. It was not very good. If you want to know it's in the book, Meeting God at the Door, which describes not only the near-death experience I had but then talks about what happened in the hospital after I came out of that and the hallucinations that I had after I was out of the coma. Because of what had happened not experienced with God, but the drugs that I'd been on. So in the trauma that my body had suffered, her level of service was beyond my ability to describe it. And so love is a willingness to serve. That means it needs to be a tool; you know how to use it and how to develop it. You might think love happens, but it doesn't. Love is something you learn to build. It is something you choose to do.

Connection - The truth is, we are all connected. And the rest of that truth is, our relationship in love is strength. We are united in love as children of the same God, say now with that at the top of my mind, how would I act? How would I speak? How would I behave? How would I even think, in this situation, remembering thoroughly and compassionately that this person, I'm connected to them as a child of God, like I am? 

Key Takeaways

“So there are three games. I want you to play the compassion game, the connection game. And the third game is asking yourself in every interaction and with every breath, how can I be a little bit brighter light today as I move through the day, those are the three games and those are the heart tools from this episode, and I can make you a promise if you choose to play the games.” 

“Make the sacrifice, because I love you, and I want you to have that success. Another way that mates show love and support. For each other is disappointment or struggles.”

“So your challenge from this podcast is to think about what that would mean for you today. So you've listened to this podcast, and I challenge you to go through today. As an initial experiment, go through the entire day asking yourself this question in every interaction, how can I exercise a little more compassion here? In this circumstance, in this situation, and if you forget, and you know, you react in a certain way, that's fine. The game is, remember as many times as you can. And if you forget and react without compassion, forgive yourself and move on.”



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