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EA474: Niknaz Aftahi – CEO and Cofounder of aec+tech
16th September 2022 • EntreArchitect Podcast with Mark R. LePage • EntreArchitect // Gābl Media
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CEO and Cofounder of aec+tech

Niknaz is the CEO and co-founder of aec+tech, an all-in-one innovation platform and community connecting AEC/O (Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operations) professionals with the latest tools and technologies. Prior to launching aec+tech Niknaz practiced architecture in the bay area, California, both as a design professional as well as a design technologist. Niknaz is a member of AIA San Francisco design technology committee, and has also been developing curriculum and teaching architecture courses online to Bahai students in Iran who continue to be deprived of access to universities in their own country.

This week at EntreArchitect Podcast, CEO and Cofounder of aec+tech with Niknaz Aftahi.

Connect with Niknaz online at aec+tech, and find her on LinkedIn.

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I am excited to announce that Graphisoft is now an official partner of EntreArchitect and The EntreArchitect Community. I’ve been meeting with the Graphisoft team for months preparing for this partnership and I can confidently say that our friends at Graphisoft are fully committed to supporting our small firms… and our transition to Archicad and BIM.

Archicad BIM software enables design, collaboration, visualization, and project delivery - no matter the project size or complexity. With flexible licensing options, and a dedicated support team to guide us along the way, Archicad is an ideal choice for firms and projects of any size. That’s why I am personally committed to finally making the move to BIM myself, from CAD to Archicad. (I’ll share more on that as I progress.)

I encourage you to reach out and talk to the folks at Graphisoft today by visiting our own dedicated webpage at There is even an exclusive special offer waiting for our community of architects. Go now to and see how Graphisoft is positioned to help make YOUR architecture firm a success. That’s

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