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BNZ Connect SME Podcast - Bank of New Zealand EPISODE 4, 10th August 2020
Trusting your gut or the numbers
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Trusting your gut or the numbers

When a crisis hits, do you turn to data and information to help you navigate a way through or do you rely on your gut? In this episode we speak to two innovative businesses both faced with the challenge of guiding their staff and customers through at a time of uncertainty as New Zealand went into its initial COVID-19 lockdown. Angie Judge, owner of SAAS business Dexibit, turned to the data to help guide their customers through the uncertainty. While Emily Miller-Sharma, co-owner of fashion retailer Ruby, trusted her gut to keep up with the pace of decision making she was faced with. Their ultimate goal? Putting the needs of their customers first. Hear their insights as we continue to work through the ongoing impacts of Covid-19.

Hosted by New Zealand Herald Business Editor at Large, Liam Dann. 

 The guests featured in this podcast are sharing their own views and experiences. As this podcast is for general information purposes only, content should not be relied upon as professional advice. Always get your own independent advice that takes into account your personal situation. If you’d like to access a transcript of this podcast, you can view it online at blog.bnz.co.nz/podcasts.