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Ep.#93 Feeding Change with Tim Fronzek - Ceo @ NoshBio
Episode 937th February 2024 • The Tech 4 Climate Podcast • Guillaume de dorlodot
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Discover how NoshBio is transforming the alternative protein landscape to reshape our environmental footprint.

Ep.#93 Tech4Climate Podcast by Startup Basecamp

PART 1: Meet the founder: Tim Fronzek, Co-Founder & CEO of NoshBio

Join me to uncover the story of NoshBio, a visionary startup that is creating sustainability opportunities in the food industry. With groundbreaking fermentation technology, they're on a mission to make alternative proteins both available and desirable.

In this new podcast episode, I sat down with Tim Fronzek, Co-Founder & CEO of NoshBio, whose journey is filled with bold entrepreneurship, sporting discipline, and a deep-rooted drive for environmental impact. Listen as he shares his path from athlete to CEO, and how personal passion fuels his professional mission.

We will also dive into the food industry's hefty environmental toll and learn about NoshBio's fungi-based innovation impact. We will also talk about the regulatory framework as well as the market incentives and limitations. Let’s discover together their strategy to disrupt the market and the upcoming initiatives that could propel us into a new era of sustainable eating.  


Get an insider's look at how they plan to bring delicious, eco-friendly options to plates worldwide and tune in to be part of the conversation that could change the way we eat forever!!!

PART 2: My secret sauce: (AVAILABLE TO MEMBERS ONLY - More info on our site)

During this second part of the show, Tim shares his previous fundraising experience and the importance of focusing on the rationales of the business model rather than solely focusing on revenues. Regarding work-life balance, Tim shares with us how implementing some daily habits have significantly simplified his life.


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