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Ars Politica - Stephen Wolfe 7th April 2021
Ars Politica - Ep21: The Iliad, 5-9
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Ars Politica - Ep21: The Iliad, 5-9

  1. Books 5-9 - First Turning Point
  2. Book V: Diomedes Fights the Gods 
  3. Aristeia
  4. (book 6) Glaukos and Diomedes - two enemies, two guest-friends, ancestry and kinship bind beyond political interests.
  5. Book VI: Hector and Andromache 
  6. Male/Female dynamics: Achilles/Briseis, Hector/Andromache, Paris/Helen
  7. Male tenderness, husbandman, father, countryman, duty before self 
  8. Book VII: Ajax against Hector 
  9. Book VIII: The Trojans at the Wall 
  10. Book IX: The Embassy to Achilles
  11. Greeks are losing. Realize they must do something. Seek Achilles. 
  12. Achilles rejects reason, family, friends, tradition, decency, society, and the cosmos.