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78: Developer Secrets REVEALED! (at ang interview ni iNANG)
29th June 2021 • Puro Ka Laro! Podcast • Puro Ka Laro!
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Recorded: 26 Jun 2021
Published: 30 Jun 2021

We start this episode with Marnel interviewing Jaemi and Vivz about how PKL began. Wait. What?

We talked to our guests Marnel and Niel of the studio formerly known as Squeaky Wheel Studio and Juls of GameDevPH about their experiences in the game dev industry.

0:03:08 - Kami ang guest?
0:09:13 - Squeaky Wheel
0:11:27 - Origin Stories (and in recording hiring?)
0:26:38 - What's needed in PH Game Development
0:31:58 - The Crunch
0:43:03 - Alpha, Beta, Early Access
0:56:12 - Negative Game Reviews
1:09:56 - Monetization Models
1:20:08 - New Game / New Studio

Marnielle Lloyd Estrada

Neil Mark Corre
Twitch [Neil Creates] |

Academia School Simulator | Squeaky Wheel Studio

GameDevPH | Discord Channel

***audio issues at 0:04:01-0:05:11 / 0:58:01-0:59:24

Inay artwork: Liga Ni Likeman

Intro: Wolf - Upbeat 8-bit Electronic by Jer

Outro: Daystar - Celery in a carrot field by 샛별 Daystar