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EP 243 - Classroom Champions: Bridging Gaps and Empowering the Next Generation with Mehreen Baig
Episode 24326th September 2023 • Business Without Bullsh-t • Oury Clark
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Mehreen is a former teacher, broadcaster and author who is passionate about education and empowering young people. She emerged as an influential voice across a range of topics including education, race, gender equality and faith.

We discuss Britain's state education and debate whether there should be just one schooling system instead of public and private. We discuss the current state of the curriculum: does it needs to change? and ask Is a good education is based on your parents, social class or meritocracy?

Mehreen also tells us about her life goal, her biggest failure and why the media industry qualifies for the big bin of bullsh*t.


01:04 Challenges of Teaching and Education System

02:05 The Need for Change in Education

05:44 The Impact of Socioeconomic Status on Education

08:17 The Role of Parents in Education

11:46 The Struggles of Teachers

18:40 The Importance of Career Advice in Schools

25:06 The Rewards and Challenges of Teaching

26:57 The Impact of Teachers on Students

27:46 Personal Experiences with Influential Teachers

28:26 Transition from Teaching to Media

29:50 The Vision for 'Glow Up Your Grades'

30:22 Challenges in Teaching and Dealing with Difficult Students

31:24 The State of Youth and Education

32:04 The Struggles of Young People

32:29 The Disconnect between Politics and Young People

33:13 Personal Struggles and Lessons in the Media Industry

36:44 The Unexpected Journey into Media

40:10 Quickfire Round and Personal Insights

45:41 The 'Glow Up Your Grades' Initiative

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