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Catalyze Change: An 8-Step Method for Leveraging Psychedelics, Neuroscience & Integration to Uplevel Your Life with Laura Dawn - 48
Episode 484th April 2022 • The Psychedelic Leadership Podcast • Laura Dawn, M.Sc
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Most of us want to see positive change take root in our lives, but as we all know, change is oftentimes easier said than done. Many people come to psychedelics because they want support establishing lasting change, whether it’s to heal a relationship, overcome an addiction, or implement healthier habits.  

Psychedelic neuroscience is showing us that these mind-altering substances can be a powerful force for change in our lives. Although the wisdom of our plant teachers can offer us clarity and illuminate the path before our feet, they cannot make us walk the path. They might inspire us to show up in a new way, but they can’t make us take action.

How can we learn to leverage our psychedelic experiences to catalyze meaningful change? When it comes to changing habitual patterns, especially behavioral patterns, we’re oftentimes focusing our attention on trying to implement change in the wrong way. 

I've packed this episode full of research-backed neuroscience, wisdom teachings, and my personal experience over the last 5 years teaching plant medicine integration. You’ll learn a seldom-talked-about shortcut to implementing meaningful change through an 8-step method you can use during your plant medicine integration to more deeply align with and step into the life you truly want to be living.


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