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Pod 54: Jake Dudman Makes a Good Impression
Episode 5424th June 2019 • The Gerry Anderson Podcast • Anderson Entertainment
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Jake Dudman is an actor and impressionist who shot to fame after uploading his YouTube video of his Matt Smith impression - which Matt Smith says is a better Matt Smith than Matt Smith's own Matt Smith!

Jake now works for Big Finish productions as well as having been in multiple Netflix and BBC series. He's currently working on his next production for Netflix and joined us from his hotel in Manchester. Jake discusses falling in love with VHS copies of Thunderbirds in the late early 2000s, and the lasting impact that had on his life and career.

Plus the usual 'gubbins' like the news, FAB Facts, QuickFire Five, Voice of the Podsterons, and a reprieve from Torchy on the Randomiser. That's the Gerry Anderson Podcast Pod 54!