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Backcountry and Barbells - Jarmey Day and Joe Szymanek 28th October 2019
Episode 30. Bear Crawling Hells Canyon
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Episode 30. Bear Crawling Hells Canyon

Hells Canyon is America’s deepest gorge at just shine of 8,000 feet.  Its full of finned, hoofed and winged critters too!  Not to mention many of North Americas most iconic predators.  Jaremy and Joe comb through a recent Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation write up about the Canyon.  Along the way Jaremy recounts his own tails about this special corner of American Wilderness.

Grab your own copy of Bugle and learn more about RMEF and Hells Canyon here!  http://www.rmef.org/newsandmedia/buglemagazine.aspx