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The Passion Project That Changed Everything
Episode 149th September 2021 • Branded Podcast Secrets • Erin Gregor
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Corporations, listen up! I really hope you're paying attention to what your employees are doing, and the opportunities you could be missing out by not allowing them to share their passions with the world.

Today, you're going to meet the perfect example of this, Mr. Cory Connors had the perfect storm of a pandemic and Gary V telling him he should just start something. Unlike 90% of the other people who listen to Gary V, Cory actually listened, and started his podcast, Sustainable Packaging with Cory Connors.

He's a 19 year vet in the packaging industry and has worked for Landsberg ORORA, for 19 years, and what's happened for Cory since hitting publish has been nothing short of magical.

Now his company is taking notice, and wants him to work with them on the show, and some other amazing opportunities are happening, all because he took his passion, which also happened to be his job and started sharing it with the world.

To connect with Cory, visit:

To hear his podcast, visit: