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You deserve good things, baby!
Episode 4327th October 2021 • I Totally Relate! • Rissy and Shelbs
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Are you ready to get Naughty November started? We are so thrilled for this conversation! Our special guest today is leading us into our next series.

Meet Benja! He grew up in Guatemala, served a mission in Peru, and came to Utah to attend BYU, where he studied dance. This is the beginning of him learning to express himself through movement. It was during this time that he went on his first date with a boy. Afterwards he felt happy. He was able to kiss someone he was attracted to. Benja is very transparent about the low points he experienced while oppressing himself to be accepted by his community.

Embracing his true self empowered him to disassociate with the harmful institution of LDS religion. He walks us through the moments he learned he can set boundaries and was able to end his co-dependent relationship with the church and decide that he was a good person who deserved good things.

Benja shares key conversations that have helped promote healing in his relationship with his mom. He also lists a few other resources he has found helpful on his journey, i.e. meditation which has helped him through tumultuous pain, as well as prioritizing his physical health AND mental health. He is open and honest about the importance of talking about sexuality and sharing sex education with our children. It is time that we learn our way out of shame.

You can take a spin class from Benja at MCycle, or find him on the gram!

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