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318: Why You Should Not Just Build a Social Media Following with Craig Morris
14th July 2022 • Selling the Couch • Melvin Varghese, PhD
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Today’s topic is relevant to many different types of businesses and entrepreneurs, and it’s something I have pondered along my own journey. We are taking a look at owning an audience compared to “renting” an audience through social media platforms. Social media can be overwhelming with many challenges, and the number of followers is not always a reflection of the success of a business. Join us to learn strategies to help you own your audience!

Our Featured Guest

Craig Morris

Craig Morris works with creators to monetize their knowledge. He has worked at Google for the past seven years, and we connected through our mutual friend Kevin Shen, a previous STC guest. Craig has learned a lot about the power of social media, email lists, and more, and he’s sharing his tips and strategies with us. If you’ve debated the merits of creating an email list and wondered if it’s worthwhile, you will find today’s conversation helpful and informative. As a reminder, please note that Craig is sharing his opinions and insights and not necessarily those of his employer. 


You’ll Learn:

  • Why focusing on the numbers of your social media following may not be best because of the risks
  • Why relying too heavily on your social media following means you are “renting” your audience
  • Craig’s recommended strategies for owning the audience you have created via social media: “If they are only a social media follower, they are one extra step away from being converted to a customer.”
  • Ideas about creating an email list or opt-in, while understanding you typically need to give something away in exchange for that information
  • Craig’s thoughts on platforms for email automation, lead generation, landing pages, etc. (Apollo, Sendinblue, and Hubspot are a few options.)
  • Practical tips for top converting strategies to use, both proactive and more passive formats
  • How to find contentment and satisfaction in knowing how much is “enough”

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