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How to Not Live with Regret Featuring Neil Thompson
Episode 1185th November 2021 • GOING SOLO • David Shriner-Cahn
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Neil Thompson is a product development engineer who decided he didn't want to be in the cubicle anymore, so he went solo. His company, Teach the Geek, works with STEM professionals who want to improve their speaking skills so they can communicative effectively with non-technical people. He also hosts a podcast, the Teach the Geek podcast, where he speaks with STEM professionals about public speaking. We discuss:
  • The moment when your services are no longer needed [02:12]
  • Ask Uncle Neil why is my hair curly [05:30]
  • How to identify a unique need [06:50]
  • Communication lessons for scientists and engineers [09:17]
  • How to get enough “yesses” for an idea you have [12:04]
  • Why people are no longer afraid to move to greener pastures [15:50]
  • The hardest part about starting something new [17:34]
Learn more about Neil at and YouTube.