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S4 EP120: Steph Gowing: Two Births Low-Risk Hospital/Midwifery Care/Postpartum Haemorrhage
Episode 12030th June 2023 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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Today, we invite you to join us on Steph's journey, where she unlocked her inner wisdom, and birthed not only two babies but also a deep passion to serve other families on their unique path.

As Steph's first pregnancy unfolded, she grappled with the normal fears surrounding childbirth. However, deep within her, she held an instinctual trust that she had the ability to birth her baby naturally. She chose a low-risk hospital that offered the gentle care of midwives; an environment she felt perfectly attuned to her desired birth outcome. Through the transformative experience of that birth, she gained profound insight into the areas of her own life that required healing, unveiling the path to self-discovery.

When Steph's firstborn was just eight months old, she unexpectedly discovered she was carrying her next baby. Scans uncovered concerns that posed potential risks, jeopardising her plans to give birth once again in the low-risk hospital. Undeterred, she dove deep into advocacy and education, arming herself with knowledge. Through her unwavering determination, she steered clear of the high-risk label that loomed, reclaiming her power and birthing choices.

In the midst of her journey, she pondered the idea of free birth. Yet, in tune with her intuition, she sensed the need for a midwife's supportive presence. Today, we delve into Steph's experience with a postpartum haemorrhage, and how her birthing experiences ignited a passion within her to support and guide others on their own transformative journey.

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Instagram: @stephgowing_

Resources: @coreandfloorrestore



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