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Understanding school shootings, violence & threat prevention through behavioural psychology
Episode 79th November 2022 • The IFSEC Insider Podcast: Security in Focus • Informa Exhibitions
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Listen to insight from Dr Marisa Randazzo, as we discuss her experiences in the US Secret Service and how it led to a focus on behavioural psychology and violence prevention, specifically related to educational institutions. We explore the research Marisa has carried out on the threat of school shootings, and try to understand whether such incidents can be predicted – and therefore prevented.

What Marisa and her team’s research has found, through a mixture of investigate evidence and direct interviews with 10 offenders, makes for fascinating listening. She notes how the patterns are actually similar to those the Secret Service had already uncovered about assassination attempts – now known in the field as a ‘pathway to violence’.

As always, we ask Marisa to comment on some of the key trends she’s witnessing in the wider security industry in her role as Executive Director of Threat Management for Ontic, too.

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