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The Personal Brand Entrepreneur Show. - Bob Gentle : AmplifyMe 26th April 2021
How to market your movement, with Duane Zingale
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How to market your movement, with Duane Zingale

Weekly interviews with personal brand business owners and entrepreneurs.

This week on The Personal Branding Entrepreneur Show :


What you do matters. And if it matters to you then it almost certainly matters to others.

If you can reach those people and help them affect what matters to them then you can build a movement.

Building a movement doesn't happen by itself and this week my podcast guest is Dune Zingale. Duane's mission is to help movement makers market their movement.

So if building a movement appeals to you then sit back, relax and grab a pen.

Duanes' Website : https://www.duanezingale.com/


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