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The Membership Guys Podcast with Mike Morrison - The Membership Guys EPISODE 269, 1st September 2020
269 - From The Vault: How to Win Back Cancelled Members
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269 - From The Vault: How to Win Back Cancelled Members

“Cancellation” is a word that sends a shiver down the spine of any membership site owner, but are membership site owners missing a trick when it comes to how they handle cancelled members?

In our own membership, Membership Academy, 25% of members who leave end up rejoining. This is why it’s essential not to burn your bridges – and to put a rock-solid win-back strategy in place.

Join us in this episode of The Membership Guys Podcast to learn what a win-back campaign is, how to structure it, and what some of the essential tactics you need to use are.


Essential Learning Points:


·        Where many membership site owners are getting it wrong when it comes to cancelled members

·        How to create a win-back sequence that gives lapsed members a great reason to come back

·        What the three key notes you need to hit are if you want to create a compelling case for re-joining your membership

Important Links & Mentions:


·        Try These Tactics to Pre-empt and Prevent Member Cancellations

·        4 Essential Email Automations Every Membership Website Needs

·        Facebook Remarketing Strategies for Membership Websites

·        What To Do (And What to Avoid) When Someone Cancels Their Membership

·        Membership Academy

·        Membership Mastermind from The Membership Guys



Key Quotes:


·        “People may leave your membership site for a variety of reasons and many of those reasons will have nothing to do with them being unhappy with your membership.”


·        “You need to give people enough time to realize what they’re missing, to get past the issue that may have caused them to leave in the first place.”


·        “As part of your win-back campaign, you should be asking outright – what would it take for you to return?”


·        “At Membership Academy, we find that about 25% of members who leave come back.”


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