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Ask Me Anything: Lee Answers Your Questions
Episode 14718th July 2022 • Impact the World with Lee Harris • Lee Harris
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Lee answers your questions for the entire show! Ten questions with insightful and powerful answers that cover a range of topics.


00:46 - Re-entering the world in a new way - authentic, safe, and present.

04:39 - The meaning of "downloads.”

07:27 - Lee's early experience with channeling and being public about it.

14:19 - Writing Conversations with the Z's and what Lee hopes readers take away.

17:25 - Compassion fatigue and what can help.

24:45 - Finding connection to life when feeling disconnected.

32:29 - Balancing tasks and productivity with soul self-care.

38:21 - Romantic relationships and healing dynamics for lightworkers and sensitives.

43:58 - Revolutionary energy in our world now and how to navigate it.

47:26 - The Impact the World podcast and what Lee loves most.

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